Salsa Sisters

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Who We Are

Salsa Sisters was officially launched after 6-8 months of perfecting our recipes in October 2013. It started with a recipe that wasn’t really a recipe at all, just some tomatoes, onions, hot peppers and seasoning cooked to make salsa just for cookouts. Little did we know how much everyone would like it. Kathy would take leftovers to work with her and everyone loved it and kept saying we should bottle and sell it. After many years of talking about it we decided to do it and Salsa Sisters was created along with a lot of work to create an actual recipe. We started with only a few flavors, a mild, medium and a hot. Now we are up to 12 flavors. In only 2 years we had grown in ways we could never have imagined. Thank you to all our family, friends, and customers who have made us a success. We experimented with many types and combinations of hot peppers to create our famous flavor.

We have moved from making salsa in our kitchens to renting commercial kitchen space like grange halls to working with our Co-Packer, Chubby’s Sauces.

Our customers will notice that our labels have changed many times over the past two years. We originally created and printed our own and as we grew we had a logo designed by Minuteman Press and our current label printed.